ISO 22000 Certification - Food Safety Management Systems

ISO 22000 is basically a validation of food safety management gadget which may be applied to any corporation in the food industry. Having an ISO 22000 registration helps show to your clients that the organization is specific about its food safety systems. This ISO certification is very crucial as consumers are very knowledgeable and demand safety of food products. It’s a general spin off of ISO 9000.
The ISO 2200 is essentially implemented with compliance of Good Manufacturing Process and HACCP principles. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Plan.
The global food industry’s most competitive players recognize that safety is fundamental to success. Certification to ISO 22000:2018 via SIS Certification helps your drive to achieve the highest levels of food safety.

Key Benefits of ISO 22000 Certification

cost effective
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Each individual’s quality of life will benefit from the rules and regulations of ISO 22000 Certification by the provisions of the following:

ISO 22000 Certification helps Organization to provide safe food products to consumers.
ISO 22000 Certification is a Scientific Approach
Make food safety responsibility of Food Chain parties.
Competitive edge
ISO 22000 Certification Help Business, Government & Society.
Higher-quality occupations in the food business

Improved usage of assets globally
Expanded organization benefits .
Potential expanded economic development
Protection of more secure sustenance
Decrease in rates of food-borne disease
Increasingly productive documentation of strategies, techniques and methodology

Requirements for ISO 22000

Following are the requirements for ISO 22000
A comprehensive set of pre-requistes Control of Documents, Control of Records, Control of Unsafe Products, Corrections, Corrective Actions, withdrawals, Internal Audits of food safety.
Implementation, Maintenance, Performance review of a Food Safety Management System(FSMS)
Implementation of an Overall Food Safety Policy by top-level management.
Plans and preparedness for Emergency situations
Compliance with HACCP measures to identify, prevent and eliminate food saftey hazards

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    Certification Procedure - ISO 22000

    • 1. Submission of Questionnaire & Appendix
    • 2. Issuance of Quotation
    • 3. Submission of Application
    • 4. Stage-1 Audit
    • 5. Stage-2 Audit
    • 6. Recommendation and Approval
    • 7. Issuance of Certificate
    • 8. Surveillance Audit/Re certification


    The audit can be conducted at whatever point you feel prepared. The length of the audit depend upon the size of the site and the multifaceted nature of the procedures, yet is consistently at any rate 1 day. After a successful certification-audit, you get a declaration with a legitimacy of three years. To keep up affirmed status, reconnaissance reviews happen in yearly interims.

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